World Travel Show - Travelers' Cafe


World Travel Show - Travelers' Cafeteria - authorizes one-time entry to the fair on 18-20.10.2019 including admission to 5 exhibition halls and all zones. In addition, the ticket allows access to the "Travelers' Cafeteria" - means a meeting place with travelers, where you can get an autograph, take a photo or talk outside the scenes.

The World Travel Show is a great tourist event attracting enthusiasts of small and large journeys. The fairs are divided into the National and Foreign Tourism Salon, the Camper & Caravan Salon and the Warsaw Yacht Salon.

At the National and Foreign Tourism Exhibition there are attractive countries and regions of the world as well as Polish regions. Visitors can get to know the region's attractions: monuments, theaters, entertainment centers, museums, and landscape parks. Our services are presented by companies from the tourist industry, travel agencies, tour operators, institutions responsible for tourist promotion of countries, regions and cities, associations and embassies. An unusual attraction of the salon is the Traveler Festival, which fills meetings with well-known travelers. In the Salon, also the Festival of Asian Cultures - presentation of the tourist and cultural offer of Asian countries.

In the Camper & Caravan Salon you can find campers, caravans, mobile homes, as well as - in a special outdoor zone - sports equipment, tourist equipment and recreational equipment.

In the Warsaw Yacht Show - motor boats, sailing boats, sailing equipment, sailing accessories, and in a special diving salon, diving equipment and a diving tourism presentation.


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